Sonoma Cellar Grab & Go Meals!

Family Night | Feeds 4 - $95 with wine; $80 without a bottle of wine

Date Night | Feeds 2 - $55 with wine; $40 without a bottle of wine

Each meal comes with a select bottle of wine!

 Feeds 2 or 4 or More!

Call to Order: 703-566-9867


“Peasant Meal”

Lentil Chili or Chicken Tortilla Soup - small

Cranberry Almond Side Salad or Ultimate Garden Side Salad

Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Bottle of wine - Syrah


“Taco Tuesday”

Ultimate Garden Side Salad

Carne Asada Tacos or Fish Tacos

Bottle Agave Margaritas- Lime, Mango or Peach


Cranberry Almond Side Salad

Sun Dried Tomato, Truffle Mac n’ Cheese

Bottle of Pinot Noir


Burger Night!

Beef | Turkey | Vegetarian

Side Salad and Potato Wedges

Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon



Pacific Coast Salmon or Cod

Side Salad and Mushroom Risotto

Bottle of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay


California Sunset Side Salad

Beef Short Ribs and Creamy Polenta

Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon


Lentil Chili

Cranberry Almond Salad or Ultimate Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken

Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot

Vegetarian Options – Any Night!

Vegetarian Burger | Veggie Lasagna | Asparagus & Pea Fettuccini

Ultimate Garden Side Salad

Bottle of Paired Wine


  • Add Dessert

    • $7 for 2 people

    • $14 for 4 people

  • 50% off additional bottle of wine

  • Side of vegetables/wedge potatoes $7

  • Additional Side Salad $5

  • Bowl of soup $8

  • Risotto $10 (healthy portion)  

Call to Order: 703-566-9867