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Welcome to Club SoCel, Sonoma Cellar's wine club, where you can join the SoCel family and receive a monthly allotment of exceptional, hard to find wines that are hand-selected by the owners, Rick and Elizabeth Myllenbeck. 

As a member of Club SoCel, you will have the opportunity to continue to receive A Taste of California on a regular basis, obtain exquisite wines set aside for members only, have access to special gatherings and events, and be a part of something truly special.

Club SoCel members will be able to collect their specialty wines on a monthly basis  – held in conjuction with exclusive pick-up parties hosted at Sonoma Cellar. You're also invited to visit us regularly for other special tastings and fun happenings.


When you Join Club SoCel, you get: 

Access to exceptional wines personally hand-seleted for you by the owners - in collaboration with many of the winemakers themselves. 

An additional 10% off wine purchased on day of initial wine club sign-up and designated day of pick-up arty (15% off per case).

An invitation to the Winter Wine Pick-up Celebration. We will close Sonoma Cellar exclusively for this occasion. Come join us for a celebration and receive fun gifts and door prizes.

Each pick-up party will have its own festivities and take-a-ways that are sure to delight.

First-right access to special events, wine maker dinners and tasting classes.

A special Club SoCel discount for your birthday.

A chance to meet and mix with other Club SoCel membrs as well as distinguished guests.


Club SoCel has 4 levels. Determine your level of interest, enthusiasm and sense of adventure and then make your choice. Members will receive their wine on a monthly basis. The club level you select will determine the numbers of bottles you get and the benefits you will enjoy.

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2 bottles



6 bottles -- two from Crew, two from Captain, and two other

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4 bottles -- two from Crew and two other



12 bottles -- six from previous levels and six other (case)

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