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About Sonoma Cellar

Sonoma Cellar, LLC is an on/off premises wine tasting room located in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, owned by Rick and Elizabeth Myllenbeck.  This unique wine tasting room leverages the historic, pre-revolutionary provenance of the locale, while providing a traditional and unique wine tasting experience found in Sonoma County California wineries. 

Old Town restaurant historic building

For Rick and Elizabeth, wine is viewed as creative content – much like music and art – ready to be shared for the enjoyment of all.  With Sonoma Cellar, the Myllenbeck’s are providing a California unforced-cool, tech-garage atmosphere that is casual and relaxed and conducive to fun adventure, exploration and meeting new friends.  


Sonoma Cellar, LLC will offer wines from 180+ Sonoma California-specific wineries that have small to medium production levels (5,000 to 20,00 cases per year), and also produce reserve and estate-quality wines.  Additionally, select wines from 20+ Virginia-based wineries will also be offered, giving visitors the opportunity to taste various different varietals from that robust growing region.  Additional wines from other key regions will be offered on a limited basis for tasting, comparison and pairing purposes.  


What makes Sonoma Cellar separate and distinctive from other local restaurants or food outlets, is that customers will have the opportunity to taste the wine they purchase, while enjoying a unique California wine tasting experience.  With each pour, the wine, the varietal, the winemaking process, the vineyard and the growing region – the terroir – will all be described in detail.  The customer can have a better appreciation for the craftsmanship and joy that is expressed in each bottle.  Additionally, Rick and Elizabeth have done exhaustive research and conducted extensive outreach to create a wine selection second to none.  During this process, the Myllenbeck’s have met with most of the winery owners and wine makers whose wines will be offered in Sonoma Cellar.


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